Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kintera Sphere + Facebook = win for charities

As many in the non-profit world know, Kintera has opened their platform up to outside partners via the Kintera Connect platform. At the same time Facebook, the current winner at the for-the-masses-social-networking platform with millions and millions of users, has recently opened their platform up to developers. Also, NING, a social networking platform allow developers full access to source code for white-label/private-label social networks (such as

Given these facts, a partner can create a Kintera connector which is a Facebook application or social networking widget that allows their constituents to leverage their social network to raise awareness and money for their causes. With the currently available connectors, Kintera has the potential to own non-profit fundraising and awareness space on Facebook and other social networking platforms such as NING.

In the final stages of development at my acceleration agency, is a Facebook and social networking fundraising widget leveraging the Kintera Connect platform. If any charity out there with software engineering resources wants know how to do this, I will be more than happy to share the architecture. For those that just want the widget/application (customized for your charity), please contact me to discuss the details.

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