Thursday, February 28, 2008

google sites :: next killer app for business

So, today The Google announced a new feature called Google Sites for their google apps platform. At first glance, it seemed like just another cool google tool. But after playing with it for a few hours, I think it will be as powerful as blogger/blogs. So, within that hour, I setup an intranet and client facing extranet with file management tools, and collaboration tools.

Just think, your company can create an area for you users, customers, constituents to interact in a Wiki manner (and for free). Here are just a few ideas: Share new product ideas, product reviews, help guides, or document support services (for those non-profits out there).

So how did Google do this? Well in 2006 it acquired the wiki company Jotspot and then integrated it into the Google apps suite of services. In the short time Jotspot was Jotspot, it had hosted more than 450,000 wikis. (no wonder Google purchased them...)

To enable site, the Google app administrators need to enable it explicitly and need to enable the Next Generation interface

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recently, I ran into's ( cool niche social network. Perfect example of a community helping each other deal with the horrible and life long stresses of cancer. If you (or family member,loved one) are a "young adult" with cancer, please join and support them! Here is a snip of info about them:

Planet Cancer is a community of young adults with cancer. (You know, that age between "pediatric" and "geriatric," where no one knows whether to give you a lollipop or have a serious talk about your fiber intake.) It's a place to share insights, explore our fears, laugh, or even give the finger to cancer with others who just plain get it. We don't deny the dark side of illness and death here. But we also firmly believe that laughter and light can turn up in the strangest places.

Check out for more info.

To top it off, they are great people as well.

Here is a link to join: