Friday, November 2, 2007

The programmatic fabric of the internet :: OpenSocial

As I and almost everyone else mentioned yesterday, Google along with others (NING, Hi5, announced OpenSocial (Googled here).

While I think this is a huge step forward for those hosting and developing social networks, I think the true value of OpenSocial is to start the process of creating a programmatic layer on the Web and thus setting the standards and environment for the Web 3.0 evolution/revolution. Web 3.0 (or Semantic Web as some have called it) is a representation of users transactions, interactions, and relationships in a virtual Web database (or persistent user activity and relationship data) that allows for the querying by artificial intelligence systems or neural networks.

How cool would that be.

I won't go into the details as to why and how Web 3.0 could be used because Wikipedia and others will do a much better job at that. I will only say that up to now, there have been some limitations with the actual implementation details. OpenSocial goes along way to solving or at least creating an approach for the details to be solved.

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